Gorgeous super busty Miranda is looking mighty sexy in her workout outfit with plenty of cleavage showing and that perfect ass of hers in motion compels numerous viewings! Suddenly a masked freak converges on her and slams his hand over her mouth while grabbing that pert behind of hers as she jumps up in surprise. A furious struggle ensues that leads to Miranda rubbing her ass up against the masked man, which just really turns him on more than anything! They end up on the floor as Miranda gets ‘subdued’ and some more. Not too thereafter she is bound extensively and cleave-gagged in a chair and looks determined to escape. And what an opportunity to stare at her from every alluring vantage point, including lots of personal space invading closeups. Her noisy struggle brings the masked man back and he immediately hones in on her big breasts, which he viciously gropes while also running his hands all over her sexy body. Her gag is removed and she is asked about the ‘stuff’, but she claims ignorance and asks to be let go. Rather than elaborate the masked man ‘smothers’ her, re-gags her pretty mouth and goes in search of that much coveted ‘stuff’! After more straining against the ropes she stands up and tries to hop away right in the arms of the masked pervert who hustles her back to the chair. This cat and mouse game repeats itself a few more times as she revives, struggles and gets ‘subdued’ over and over again. Finally, she manages to again stand, but immediately goes to the floor where she writhes about until her captor spots her and comes in for some closeup POV fondling and nipple play. She looks on in terror as he moves towards ‘smothering’ her yet again!

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