Carissa just recently got engaged. But her future husband cannot give her what she wants. That is because she has a very strong appetite to be tied up, gagged and played with. So tonight she has met a man in the hotel she is staying at and has talked him into taking back to her room. Once there, Carissa tells him that she wants to play a game where he kd’naps her. She tells him that she wants him to tie her up, hold her for ransome and then play with her while she is all tied up and gagged. So after Carissa tells him where he can find some rope, the man ties her up tight. Carissa is now all turned on and excited. But when the guy decides not to rip her clothes off as she had hoped and instead decides to gag her, she starts to protest and resist. But there is nothing she can do as her mouth is stuffed with a pair of her panties and held packed in her mouth with a rag tied tight between her teeth. Now bound and gagged < Carissa rolls around on the floor as she struggles with the tight rope and moans through the gag. Still not happy that instead of playing something naughty with her, Carissa tries to voice her displeasure at the man as he just watches her squirm bound and gagged. Then he decides to start giving his big busted captive a little more of what she wants when he ties a rope between her legs and pulls it so tight it pushes her pantyhose up inside her. He continues tying this rope until he has her crotch roped and hogtied. Carissa is now very happy and again very turned on. Especially since the crotch rope is tied so that the harder she struggles the tighter it gets and afyer a short while, Carissa is able to force herself to have several orgasms.

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