Orias, Terra Mizu and I we were getting dressed to go out in our slinky skirts, pantyhose and high heels. Our plans were changed and now all three of us are laying side by side on the wood floor helplessly hogtied. Each of us is tightly cleave gagged and our elbows are welded brutally tight behind our backs. Each hogtie is attached to a brutally tight crotchrope so that then more we struggle the tighter the crotch rope will dig into our pussy. The three of us look completely armless as we try to maneuver and roll. The bondage is extreme and our sobs echo throughout the empty house. Our poor arms are fused completely together and it is nearly impossible to move. Terra is drooling like a pig and completely freaks out when she rolls into her own big puddle of drool. The bondage is so tight that our fingers are numb and untieing the knots becomes impossible. We three girls struggle helplessly on the floor in our brutally tight hogties. We can’t even move enough to try to reach each other’s knots and try to untie each other. Any amount of struggling pulls on our crotch ropes causing the rope to dig deeply and split our pussy in two. We realize we are totally screwed and left bound and sobbing for the night with no relief and no escape.

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