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She Loves It, She Hates It. She Takes It.

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Morgan is a stunningly beautiful young woman with a taste for punishment. Her eyes flash with desire as Jay tightens the ropes. She has trouble hiding her smile when Jay forcibly gags her. She squeals in pleasu...

Pretty Shellie In Bondage Trouble

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Girdle Milf Left In Locked Storage Room

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Blonde Housewife Gets Grabbed And Bound In Her Kitchen

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A man has forced his way into Kordelia Devonshire's home. He grabs her and forces her into her kitchen where is ties her up. Kordelia is then left to struggle.

The Hotel Detective Is Missing

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Serene Isley is in charge of security at downtown hotel. She goes to one of the rooms to check on some suspicious activity. When she knocks on the door, no one answers. So she uses her pass key to get in and check...

Lonely Housewife In Trouble

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Nicole is sitting in her kitchen waiting for her husband to leave for the Graveyard Shift. Once he is out the door, Nicole wonders why her life is so dull. She wishes that something exciting would happen for once ...

No! Don’t Tape My Panties In My Mouth!

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Brigette Paris sits there struggling with the rope when the man walks up behind her. "What is in his hands" Brigette wonders. When she realizes he is holding a role of duct tape and a pair of her panties, she thin...

He Was Stuffing Dirty Panties In My Mouth!

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The man grabbed Cleo from a bar where she was out having drinks with some friends. In order to snatch Cleo, the man had to put her out and as he starts to undress her, Cleo is still very groggy. After she is undre...

Helpless Blonde Was Begging Him To Stop

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Sexy blonde tape gagged, frogtied and crotchroped tightly.

Busty Helpless Captive

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There Is No Way Anyone Can Hear Her

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A man has forced his way into Paige's home. After tying her up with some rope, he carries her over his shoulder into the bedroom with Paige kicking and fussing. Paige is getting loud and he realizes if this keeps ...

Gagged In Our Panty Girdle

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Diana Knight and Paige Richards are hogtied in their Panty Girdles and Bras. They are still able to talk to each other and they try to come up with a plan to get away. But they are tied tight and they have little ...

It’s Time To Have Some Fun With Her

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Natalie comes home from work one day. She doesn't expect her husband to be home because this is his day to play golf. It has been a rough day and she cannot wait to get her tight skirt and girdle off. She hears a ...

A Home Invasion

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The Tight Rope Made Her Big Tits Bust Out Of Her Bra

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A Kinky Weekend

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The Missing Daughter

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She Gets Carried To The Bedroom

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Cheating Wife

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She Calls Out For Help

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Punishments For Paige

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Jay starts things off right by carrying a very helpless Paige in over his shoulder. She wears only the skimpiest of baby blue lingerie with high heels, and her moans let us know that she’s rather excited by her ...

She Thinks It Is Some Kind Of Game

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A man has come into Dixie's home and grabbed her. After he has her tied up, he stuffs and tapes panties in her mouth to gag her. He then ;eaves her to struggle as he loots the place. A short time later, Dixie, hea...

Not On The First Date

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Rachel came home from night out with a guy she just met. He was nice, good looking and Rachel had a great time. But she wasn't about to invite him. Not on the first date. So gave him a kiss good night and shut the...

Gag Me! Pull My Panties Down!

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A man has Cleo all tied up with rope. She looks up at him and say's "You got me all tied up, What are you going to do now, Gag me, Pull my panties down and Fuck me!". As he walks behind her, he replies, "I wasn't ...

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