Lila has been wondering why her husband Andy has been in such high spirits lately, so when he leaves his phone at home one day, she decides to take a peek. Imagine her surprise when she sees what kind of messages he has been sending to and receiving from their Scottish friend Alexia. Lila decides not to get angry, but to get even – and get rid of Alexia. She lures Alexia over with a text from Andy’s phone, but instead of Andy waiting for Alexia – who arrives in style in a short red dress and Cuban stockings – it’s Lila – and a “friend,” Ivan. Ivan grabs Alexia with a hand over her mouth and pushes her over to the couch to pin her wrists behind her back and tie them tight. Alexia hurls insults at Lila – about Andy going “back to sleeping beside a fucking fish” and “I’ve done a damn better job of pleasing him.” Maybe that’s true, but there has been one benefit of his affair with Alexia: he has been a lot friskier with Lila since he started screwing the Scottish tart. But now Alexia can put out for a lot of other men instead of Andy, maybe even Ivan will get a taste of the tart. Right now he’s enjoying her feisty kicking and squirming – which is ultimately useless in preventing her from being tied up like the little slut that she is.

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