Sahrye all tied up with rope. She explains how she got herself in this situation, when a man grabbed her and took her to his hideout. She goes on to say that although she is being held against her will, she is very turned on by the idea that she is so helpless and at the man’s mercy. She plans to tell the man that it may take her husband a very long time to come up with the money needed to pay for her release. Because Sahrye is in no hurry to go home, she wants to tell him that he should ask her husband for more money so she can stay with him a couple of days longer. All of a sudden, the man comes back in and when Sahrye see that he is about to gag her, she tries to tell him all the naughy things he can do to her. But before she can say anything, he stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Now bound and gagged, Sahrye is even more turned on. She thinks to herself just how bad she wants the man to play with her. Things begin to look bad for her when he hogties her and leaves her alone in the basement room. But finally the man figures out what Sahrye wants and he re-ties her standing up. When Sahrye finds herself tied bent over with her arms pulled up behind her and connected to an overhead beam, she can hardly control herself. Then with her ass in the air, the man lifts her dress and pulls her pantyhose down. “Oh Yes! That is what I am talking about!” she says to herself as she waits for the real fun to begin.

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