Sun beats mercilessly through the windowpanes of a shared flat. Alexis Taylor and Tanya Danielle try to keep cool by leaving the doors ajar and wearing skimpy denim shorts and T-shirts. Their scanty apparel attracts the attention of a passing marauder. Large breasts and well-scuplted asses jiggle fetchingly, luring him through the open door of the apartment. The ladies don’t hear him over the sounds of their various fans and air-cooling devices. Within minutes he has both indignant females securely bound with tight, white ropes. Restrained but not subdued Alexis and Tanya assa ult him with insults and threats. He smiles indulgently and then gags each of them with strips of white cloth. Amidst the anger, heat, and confusion the ladies writhe with fury, fully cognizant that their own recklessness has landed them in this precarious position..

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