Riley’s neckrope is untied from overhead and she’s put in a chair. Her ankles are tied to the chair legs. A huge sponge is then stuffed in her mouth. Wrap after wrap of black tape seals it in tight! Instead of tying her waist to the chair, I run a rope between her legs and then I tie it off to the back of the chair. I then make her breast bondage more severe. I loop some thin twine around her nipple ring and then wrap it towards the base. Riley moans and writhes as the twine digs deep into her soft nipple flesh and pulls her nipple taught. By now tears are flowing and I remove the sponge gag before I finish with her tits. Once done, I flick her nipples, slap them and pull her up out of her chair by her crotchrope. The tit slapping then continues for a bit before I regag Riley with a huge black, wide strapped, ballgag. Riley’s elbows are tied together and then her arms are pulled up and tied overhead, forcing Riley to lean forward. The drool starts seeping from around the gag almost immediately, as I tie a rope into her hair and then tie it back. Riley must look straight ahead now. I continue adding rope, making her bondage more and more strict. Soon copious amounts of drool are escaping from behind her gag. Bubbles almost the size of softballs appear. Snot is running down her nose. She breathes in and they disappear only to reappear seconds later. Poor Riley is suffering now, but this is what she wants and needs.

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