He is flunking English and will be kicked off the team if he does not bring the grade up. So when Carissa his English teacher invites him over for some special tutoring, he has no choice but to go. Little does he know though, but Ms Montgomery has a thing for younger guys. Him in particular. And when he gets there, she tells him that he does not need his books. She tells him that if he wants to bring his grade up, he is going to have to help her with a kinky bondage fantasy she has. She shows him where to find some rope and has him tie her up. She tells him that if he does naughty things to her while she is bound and gagged helpless, he will be sure to get a good grade and he can continues to play baseball. So after tying Carissa up, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. Then after watching struggle bound and gagged for a short while, he lifts her skirt and pulls her great big tits out of her blouse. Carissa is so turned on that she can hardly control herself. She looks up at him with pleading eyes and tries to tell him through the gag that there is only one thing left to do. “Pull my pantyhose down and get busy!”

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