TAYLOR RAE,,Her parents sent her too the all girl private college for 2 reasons,,to get a good education,,and to keep her out of trouble,,but shes a wild and she breaks the campus rules,,no boys and parties! The dean has had enough of her and tells her hes kicking her out,,she begs to be given another chance cause if shes sent back home she will be in real trouble with parents,,he tells her there on thing they can try,,its the schools discipline course,and she must be broken to stay,,she agrees not knowing what he had in mind,,he gets a bag of rope and starts tying her arms and feet,,he tells her she must stay tied up till he thinks she has learned her lesson,,she dosent understand and ask many questions,,he finally gets a ballgag and shoves it in her mouth,,he pulls down her top and fondles her breast,,she moans as he tells her more people will come in and have their way with her,,he spanks her hard and puts her into a hogtie,he discipline has just begun!!

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