This still only subdues Anna for a minute before she starts screaming again, and now squirming under Ivan’s hands and rope, but he’s already knotting it off. He’s had it with her screeching, and luckily he came prepared with the proper tools to quiet a loud mouth – cloth and tape work wonders to shut a bitch up. After declining to shut her big mouth moments ago, she now stubbornly refuses to open it for Ivan to shove the cloth in. She wants to do this the hard way? Fine. Ivan shifts positions, preps the tape, and fits it between Anna’s teeth before she can resist, winds it around her head a few times, then shoves the white cloth in the unresistant gap before wrapping more tape around it. It doesn’t completely silence poor Anna, but it certainly makes her cries a lot quieter, and he can tie her ankles and knees more or less in peace. What a sexy pair of legs she has! After he’s done admiring and fondling those as he ties them securely, he wants to see if the rest of her matches those hot long legs, so he grabs her shirt and tears it open to reveal a delicate pink bra covering Anna’s lovely little tits. Not only does this girl have great legs and breasts, she has a fantastic figure too! Ivan will get high dollar for her!

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