Busty blonde Nadia White comes home to find me tightly hogtied and struggling on my bed – elbows crushed and cleave gagged. I scream beneath the gag and my beautiful daughter rushes to help me. I try to warn her with my eyes, but she is unaware of the pending danger. I big man grabs her from behind in a brutal choke hold and thhrows her on the bed. He quickly shoves a ring gag between her lips forcing her mouth wide open then he binds her arms behind her back and ties her crossed ankles. Drool runs profusely from her open mouth and Nadia begins to squeal and sob. He finishes her bondage off with a hogtie and adds rope to both of our necks. What is this crazy man doing? What do you want from us? He presses a vibrator up against my pussy and ties it there. Next the bastard forces Nadia’s bound body close to mine and runs the rope up into her pussy. Our bodies are slammed together and the vibrator buzzes on high. We cannot escape the pressure on our pussies and we begin to buck and gyrate as the orgasm builds in each of us. He binds the neck ropes together so that every time we cum we choke each other out. Poor helpless mother and daughter left to struggle and sufffer forced orgasms and choking.

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