Gorgeous super busty Laura is a mobster’s ex-wife (or plays one on a reality show, who knows?!) and she’s in trouble. She is escorted in (by our resident masked thug) wearing a black coat that covers her body and is wearing sunglasses, but we can also make something shiny over her mouth pressing against her lips as it turns out she is also tapegagged so as to minimize any noise she might make. Her coat comes off as do her sunglasses and we see she is handcuffed and has to endure some breast squeezing and ass grabbing and spanking. Later, she is on the couch, ziptied and ballgagged and not too happy about it. Her struggles are hot because, well, she is! The masked thug shows up on the phone and removes her ballgag so that she can talk to her ex and explain why she absconded with so much of his ill-gotten gains. She is quite defiant as the thug handgags her while finishing up his conversation with the mob boss. She gets some more before he applies a calming technique that keeps her a bit more docile. The ballgag goes back in and some more titty groping and ass smacking take place as she is left this way until she ends up having to endure some other humiliation.

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