Stunning hottie Laura gets off the phone with her friend after discussing some creepy guy at her work who won’t leave her alone. Later, she is fixing her make-up (while wearing some sexy lingerie, which is great for viewers!) when a masked man (who is probably the creepy guy ’cause this is what creepy guys sometimes do, those nuts!) grabs her and gets the scared girl to put her hands behind her back and cooperate. He fondles her big breasts and gropes her nice ass which gets some light spanking as well before he gags her with a bitgag through her teeth. She is then led to the bathtub where we later see her frogtied with her hands and ankles restrained as the masked man hovers around her and fondles her, sometimes sitting behind her and sometimes in close-up POV. The poor girl struggles as her great body gets felt up. Then later she is untied and handcuffed as more fondling takes place before she is walked off to be whisked away by the demented masked man.

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