A masked man carries Dahlia into an abandoned garage. She is tied hand and foot and protesting as he sets her on the floor. Seeing the man is going to stuff panties in he mouth, she pleads with him not to gag her. But he forces her mouth open and packs the panties in anyways. Dahlia squeels loud as he ties a knotted rag in her mouth to finish gagging her. When the man leaves her, Dahlia struggles frantically to get loose. She cries out as loud as she can, hoping someone will hear her. The man returns and lifts Dahlia onto a chair. He ties her to the chair with her legs apart. Not satisfied that his captive is quiet enough, the man wraps tape around her gagged mouth to muffle her cries even more. Before the man leaves her, he pulls her dress top down. Dahlia is left to struggle again. Her tits bounce up and down as she wiggles wildly in the chair. Her legs are wide open to show she is not wearing panties under her pantyhose. The video ends showing that Dahlia has toppled the chair over. She continues to struggle and hollar through the gag. But she is tied tight and well muzzled. She isn’t going anywhere. Dahlia is gagged cruelly on camera.

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