Hannah’s rich husband is out of town and she has the urge to go out and play. She has a plan to go out to a dress up party with some old friends. But the only problem is the bodyguard her husband has hired to keep an eye on her. She calls him over and tells him that he can have the night off. But knowing the boss would not approve, he insists on staying with her. Desperate to go out alone, she demands that he leave for the evening. When he sees how she is dressed, he tells her that there is no way he can let her leave looking like this, without him there to protect her. “From What!” she demands to know. When he tries to explain all the bad things that can happen to her, Hannah becomes belligerent and still tells him to leave. So knowing he cannot and knowing she is going to out like this anyways, and possibly get him in trouble with the boss, he grabs her and tells her that he is going to show her what could happen. When he starts to tie Hannah up, she protests loudly. But that comes to an end when he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth to shut her up. Once bound and gagged, Hannah struggles wildly to get loose. But she is tied tight and not getting loose without help. Help that will not be coming, because her rich husband is out of town. If he ever found out something like happened, he would probably fire the bodyguard. But it might even worse if her husband saw the pictures of the way she planned to go out dressed and even worse, the bodyguard has a tape recording of the phone conversation she had with her secret boyfriend prior to him walking in. Then to make matters worse, the bodyguard pulled her top open so now her tits are free to bounce about as she struggles bound and gagged.

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