My Girlfriend Hannah Perez is a real bitch. Always complaining… nothing is ever good enough. I hear through the grapevine that she plans on breaking up with me soon, but she wants to see what else she can get out of me before she does. She knows I love women in bondage, but she hates it. The furthest I’ve ever gotten is her wrists. I come up with a plan. I tell her I’ll buy her a Louie Vatton(some overpriced purse with L’s and V’s all over it… Looks like a diaper bag to me) purse if she agrees to really let me tie her up. Of course she agrees to this! I’ve soon got her in my Man Cave shop area and have everything planned. She starts bitching about the tightness right away. She yells and complains when I pull her hair as well. As soon as I have tied at her waist to the chair and her wrists tied, I hand gag her with one hand and grope her tits with my other hand. I then reach behind me and grab a big red ball gag, and I shove it in her mouth… ahhh… Much Better!! Since she hates having her hair pulled, I pull her hair and continue groping her tits. Maybe she’ll learn that there’s nothing she can do about it and she’ll stop bitching. She hasn’t learned yet as she continues through the ballgag. She keeps getting more angry as I reach into her blouse and bra and start groping her bare tits, somewhat pulling them out. I decide tha ball gag isn’t good enough. I remove it and the bitching rampage continues. Good thing I have another gag. I grab her by her hair and show her a huge cleaning sponge. She is in disbelief that I’d even try and gag her with that. I am soon have the entire sponge shoved in her mouth and sealed in with many wraps of black vetwrap. She’s still bitching, but now it’s barely audible. This is the most peace and quiet I have ever had since I have been with her! Now I can continue having my fun! I grab a length of rope and bind her legs just above her knees as she struggles in agony to endure the extreme gag. I tie a rope around her neck and then I pull her blouse down and snip off her bra. This makes her really angry, but it’s so much fun for me. I start getting a little more rough with her now. I slap and grab her tits hard a few times. I then give her a rope chest harness before I tightly bind her tits with thin twine. After her right one is bound I give it a good squeeze and then give it a good 4 or 5 slaps. I play with her bound tits for a bit before I untie her waist from the chair. I grab her neck rope and pull up, telling Hannah to stand. I tie her neckrope off up above. I slap her bound tits some more and her ass. I use her tits as a handle to position her before slapping her ass. I lift her skirt revealing her pretty white lacy panties. I then move her back to the post and retie her neckrope to a ring bolted up high through it. I leave her there to struggle for just a bit. I soon return to retie her wrists around the post. I then remove her neckrope.

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