Brenda finds her self partially bound on a couch. Every tied beauty in the company has passed their torturous ordeal up the chain of command, and it stop with her. If anyone knows the codes it will be Brenda, and Ted is pulling out all the stops to get her to talk. She rubs her knots against the couch and struggles until her captor enters to gag her and bind her chest. He straps her ballgag so deeply into her mouth that it almost disappears. He gropes her and pinches her nipples, but she denies any knowledge of codes. He ties her ankles, exposes her breasts and leaves her to think about her answers while she struggles. He returns to a find her still denying any knowledge and ties her breasts tightly. As they begin to redden he fondles them and then ties her wrists to her waist. He ungags Brenda to find her still without answers. He stuffs panties roughly into her mouth and tapes them in place with duct tape wrapped entirely around her head multiple times. Her swollen breasts are again the focus when he puts clothespins her nipples, sinking them deeply into her breast tissue before letting them squeeze closed. She tries desperately to remove them and stop the pain. She frees one nipple with her knees but is unable to dislodge the other. Her returns unhappy with her and decides to make sure she cannot remove anything else. He ties her into a folded position, puts clover clamps on her nipples and ties the chain to her knees. She struggles alone and pained for long minutes until he returns. He makes her count each time he pulls her knees from her chest. The clamps squeeze tight, and her nipples stretch. Tears begin rolling down her face as she begs for release. There is not way she knows anything, so Ted leaves her. He leaves the clamps on though. It will be a long weekend for Brenda as she awaits Monday and rescue!

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