JJ returns home from a date. As she tells her date goodnight, she doesn’t notice a masked man standing behind her. Once she closes the door, he grabs her and covers her face with a foul smelling rag. JJ tries to scream and fight, but the man is too strong for her and she soon . When JJ wakes up, she finds that she cannot move. This is because she is tied up very tightly with rope. Then when starts struggling and crying out for, Help. The man who KO’d her returns. Before she can make anymore noise, he stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Things get really bad for JJ when the man brings out another piece of rope. He ties it behind her neck, to the rag tied between her teeth. He then pulls the rope back and ties it to her ankles putting JJ in a very strict and strenuous hogtie. This yanks her head back, making the gag get tighter and forcing the panties deeper into her mouth. This makes it almost impossible for JJ to move as the harder she struggles, the more she chokes on the panties packed in her mouth.

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