A man has Cleo all tied up with rope. She looks up at him and say’s “You got me all tied up, What are you going to do now, Gag me, Pull my panties down and Fuck me!”. As he walks behind her, he replies, “I wasn’t planning on that.” Then as he stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth, he adds. “But now that you mention it, that is a great idea1” Cleo squeals in protest as he ties a rag tightly between her teeth to gag her.. She is then left to struggle as the man walks off to rob her. Cleo now knows what is going to happen to her if she cannot get loose. So she tries desperately to find a loose know. But when the man returns, she is just the way he left her. He lifts her off of the ground and bends her over a chair. He gets behind Cleo and pulls un-buckles his pants. When Cleo feels him pulling her panties down, she knows that he is now going to take her up on her suggestion. The video will then end with Cleo now struggling bound and gagged. Except, now her panties are down and so is her bra.

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