Raven-tressed fantasy girl Diana makes her bondage debut and she is one hot babe. Unfortunately, though, it appears that she has displeased Jay, as we open on him carrying her, already bound and gagged, through the garden and into the house. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s in for a long day of extreme bondage training! Thrusting his struggling captive against the wall, Jay inspects the merchandise. She is still dressed, which is NOT in her favor, and she even has panties on! Time for more rope and some heavy breast treatment. A tall stool and a harness ballgag are added to the picture, increasing Diana’s pouty demeanor. “When are you going to untie me?” she snaps. Bad timing, girlie. A nice hand-gagging topped off with thick cloth mouth-stuffing and white med-wrap, plus some nipple clothespegs pinned down with tape should keep her hushed for a while. Seated lotus-style on the floor, one of Diana’s slender wrists is roped tautly towards the ceiling and a bit/ballgag looks quite cute between her frowning lips. Tied bent over a bench, Diana can do nothing but moan and squeal as Jay whips her vulnerable ass bright pink. She loves it! The once-feisty brunette’s final bondage features ropes tied and knotted tightly ALL OVER her body. She simply can’t move an inch without straining her own tender flesh!

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