Nicole Gray is in her bathroom putting on her her make up when a man sneaks up on her and grabs her from behind. Nicole tries to put up a fight, but she is over powered. Hours later she finds herself in a strange place. Her hands and ankles are tied and she is blindfolded. She reaches up and pulls the blindfold off to see a masked man. He unties her wrists which were tied in front of her. He re-ties them behind her back and then uses more rope to completely truss her up. To gag her, he roughly stuffs her mouth and ties a big thick rag tightly between her teeth. As she struggle bound and gagged on the floor, Nicole finds it very embarrassing that her short skirt rises to give her kdnapper a view of her panties and stocking tops. But things are about to get really bad when the man returns and hogties her. Then just before he goes off to demand ransom from her rich husband, he pulls her blouse open.

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