The man grabbed Cleo from a bar where she was out having drinks with some friends. In order to snatch Cleo, the man had to put her out and as he starts to undress her, Cleo is still very groggy. After she is undressed, the man starts to tie her up in her bra and girdle. Just when he is about to hogtie her, Cleo starts to come to. It takes her some time to figure out what is going on, but by then it is too late, she is already trussed up tight and it is about to get worse for her. The man wads up a pair of blue panties and as Cleo starts to protest the situation, he roughly stuffs them in her mouth. He then ties a cleave gag tightly between her teeth to keep her from spitting the panty gag out. As Cleo struggles, she tries to figure out how she got in this mess. One minute she was having fun with her girlfriends and now here she is all tied up and gagged in some strange place. Then she recalls that she stepped outside of the bar for a smoke and that was the last thing she remembered. She realizes that the masked man must have done something to her and bring her here. A little later the man returns and with Cleo on her stomach, he pulls her bra down to expose her big boobs.

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