Veruca has been cheating on her husband. But not with another man. Instead she is seeing a girl named Dixie and both girls are into very kinky things like bondage. But Veruca does not realize that her husband is on to her an has hired a man to find out what is going on with his wife. Today Veruca finds herself to tied a bed so Dixie can do all kinds of naughty things to her. So she can hear her moan, Dixie ball gags her. All of a sudden a man comes in grabs Dixie. With Veruca looking on gagged and tied down, the man ties Dixie up with rope. Both girls find out this man is a private detective hired by Veruca’s husband. With both girls restrained, the man takes the ball gag out of Veruca’s mouth, but gags her again by stuffing her mouth with panties and taping her up. He then gags Dixie by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth too. The girls do their best to try to get each other free. As the man ties Dixie spread eagle on her back Veruca continues to try to free herself. But when the man is done, he hogties Veruca and puts her on top of Dixie and between her spread open legs. “Too bad you don’t have a dick to fuck her with” the man tells Veruca. But he make her hump her anyway and pretend that she does. In the mean time, the man takes pictures and video that her husband will be able to use a against her.

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