She had been shooting off her mouth about how she was a sure winner, and the other girls didn’t deserve to be on the same stage with her. Unfortunately for Carissa, a jealous competitor had a friend visit her to make sure she didn’t make it to the contest. As the clip begins we see busty Carissa wildly thrashing about on her bed in a sexy, purple bikini and a pair of very hot strappy stiletto heels, cuffed hand and foot to an O-Ring and attached with locks! She also has a black patent strap ballgag stuffed and buckled in her mouth to shut her up! Carissa rolls all over the bed, flailing about on her tummy and back offering great views of her curvy figure, and making plenty of gagged noise! After a while the guy responsible for her predicament arrives on scene to verbally taunt her, and then pulls her big luscious tits out of her bikini top, so he can grope and paw them! Just when Carissa thinks it can’t get any worse he shows her a roll of microfoam tape, and proceeds to wrap it tightly over her ballgagged mouth, and around her head! He then plays with her sexy high heeled feet and nice boobs some more, as she mmmphs through the ballgag which can be seen bulging under the white microfoam tape! Instead of strutting her stuff on the runway in her bikini and high heels, and taking home the money, poor Carissa will be spending the night gagged and bound on her bed! The man leaves her, to get his friend and collect the prize money, while Carissa’s prize consists of an O-Ring, cuffs, a ballgag, and some sticky used tape! Sure hope he left the keys for those cuffs!

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