Tonight was the night for the big 10 year class reuinon and it was time to go, but her old man was busy watching a boxing match with his buddy! Betty didnt want to be late and insisted they go now,but the boys wanted to see the end of the fight. She grabs the remote control and turns the tv off and tells him to get ready to go as she leaves the room. His buddy gives him a hard time about how he lets her walk all over him,, hes says thats not so and tells him to turn the tv backon,, Betty hears the tv and wants to know what they thinkthey are doing and comes charging back into the room, but before she can get the remote again, the boys grab her,, her man tells her hes had enoughof her, and they hold her down on the sofa , she fights and curses them both, but they aint playing around!, They strip her down to her garder and hose, he lets his buddy play with her hot body! Shes making way too much noise so they stuff a hankie into her mouth and seal it in there with tape all the way around her head!Next they get a pile of rope and tie her up good and tight! They add a blindfold before carring her over to the coffee table and hogtying her on top of it! They bring out their snacks and enjoy them eating themoff her body!! They tickle her feet and smack her ass, she can only wiggle and make muffed sounds!! They call more of their buddys to come on over and enjoy, poor Betty should have just let them watch the rest of that fight!

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