It’s just another day on the job for Ivan, but that means a very bad day for Angelique. Being by a strange man, dragged into an isolated warehouse by her hair, and now having her wrists tied behind her back – what is this guy doing with her? Ivan explains that he’s just going to make her miss her appointment, and once it’s over, he’ll let her go, no harm done. However, that answer doesn’t satisfy Angelique, and she tries to kick at Ivan while he ties her wrists – bad idea. Ivan recommends she not try to kick him, because right now he has no reason to hurt her, but if she does kick him, things might get nasty. “You don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you. Deal?” Angelique sneers, “I’m not making deals with your kind.” Ivan laughs, “And what kind am I?” “The awful kind!” That just makes Ivan laugh more. “You have no idea how awful I can be.” But he’s tired of hearing her contempt and condescension, so it’s time to shove a ball gag into that bitchy mouth and strap it in tight.

Finally, a little peace. Although she probably won’t like what he does next, it’s one f the perks of the job, and it’s not like Angelique can stop him from pulling the straps of her sexy black dress and fondling those gorgeous tits. Of course she protests, and even tries to pull away, but Ivan jerks her back and loops another rope below and above those pretty boobs. He forces her to her knees, then onto her stomach, her nipples pressing into the cold floor, drool starting to drip from behind the gag. Ivan ties her knees and ankles in short order, the pulls her heels close to her ass with the loose ends of the rope around her chest. That ought to hold her pretty little ass for a while, at least until he can go make a phone call to tell his employers they can go ahead.

While he’s gone, of course Angelique tries to squirm free, pulling on the ropes, wiggling back and forth, and feeling for the knots. As she triest to hold her head out of the puddle of her own drool, it pulls the gag deeper into her mouth, the hard leather cutting into cutting into the corners of her mouth. After watching Angelique struggle a while, Ivan comes back and plays with her a little more, rolling her onto her side so he can grope and fondle her a while longer. Still, he’s only being paid for the task at hand, so he should probably let her go – but he wants to make sure that, if he does, she’s not going to tell anyone he did this to her – job security and all. He assures her that if she tells, what he did to her this time will seem nie in comparison – he’ll twist her little nipples off and do all sorts of really horrible things to her. So, is she going to keep quiet? Angelique just wants to get the hell out of here, so she agrees, and Ivan lets her go.




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