Alexis Taylor bitchy boss kidnapped and trained.

Beautiful, busty Alexis Taylor stars as the bitchy boss and, once again, she barges into Jay’s office…while he’s perusing bondage pictures.  This office hellcat can’t understand why someone would want their women so submissive and, besides, how dare he waste company resources on such sexist filth!   Jay, fed up with her nastiness, grabs her, binds and gags her with duct tape, stuffs her into a sleeping bag and carts her home for a little after-hours enlightenment!  

He warms her up by first stripping off her conservative clothing and fondling her huge breasts.  As her off-the-job training continues, the sourpuss supervisor is bound and gagged in all manner of ways: kneeling, sitting, bent over, cross-legged.   Her aching nipples are tightly clamped and her ass is subjected to erotic whippings again and again.   In one great scene, Jay hoists her crotchrope towards the ceiling, arching her back to its limits!   Does Alexis Taylor finally change her tune?

alexis taylor

alexis taylor bitch kidnap

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